POT BELLY STUDIO -                   All Original Oil & Watercolor Paintings
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To purchase a painting you can call, email or fill out the form above. 
Phone 503-539-9993

Please indicate the name/description associated with the painting you would like to purchase in the comments box.
Once the above form is submitted, your painting will be on hold for 14 days to allow for receipt of payment or a deposit.  In addition to personal checks, I also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.  

I am happy to hand deliver any pieces in the Portland area, or you can pick up your artwork to avoid any shipping charges. 

If you do need shipping, I can provide you with the fee, which is dependent on size and weight of the package.

All paintings are individually priced. 

Please include any questions you may have and thank you for visiting my website & supporting local artists!

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